Niantic’s ‘Hidden Countdown,’ Big Things are Coming for the 2-Year Anniversary

July 6, 2016, the day when Pokemon Go was released and since then, the game has been going upwards breaking records and reaching #1 spot on numerous occasions. As we know, Niantic and Pokemon Go had a rough time to make the game as it is now, and thanks to their commitment and hard work to please the PoGO community, I can say – BRAVO Pokemon Go team and keep up the good work. So, we’re two months away from the 2-year anniversary, and it looks like Niantic is up to something and trust me, this could be huge.

Niantic is definitely up to something and looks like we are being hinted towards something and didn’t even notice. Sounds interesting, right? Wait until you see the rest!

Last month we had a chance to battle and catch the Legendary Pokemon Moltres. This month we have Zapdos. If the pattern keeps up, next month will be Articuno, as a Research prize.

Now, a lot of experienced Trainers can tell you that the order of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres is not just something GameFreak did years ago. By looking at the end of their names we get Uno, Dos, Tres, which is the Spanish words for One, Two, Three.

But in this scenario we are getting them backwards, 3-2-1.

This can honestly be seen as a countdown. At this point, we are two months away from the 2 year anniversary of the release of a game that took the world by storm. Last year, the game got a total change just before the anniversary date with the new Gym System, allowing for Raids. Then the Legendary Birds came based on team contribution during Go fest where Players were able to capture the bird trio in their original order. Then all three of them at once.

What Pokemon are we getting? Zapdos, #2 in the order while we are sitting two months from the anniversary date. Last month, April, we were sitting at three months, getting Moltres.

If Articuno seriously is the next Legendary Pokemon we get for the month of June, it can honestly be believed that Niantic is planning something MAJOR for their 2 year anniversary and are subtlety telling the players with a hidden countdown.

That’s a very interesting theory, right? But the main question remains, what is coming next to Pokemon Go? Rumors are saying:

  1. Region exclusive shift;
  2. Unown event;
  3. Gen 4 – possible release of some Pokemon during the Pokemon Go Fest. My guess is that we might see Arceus;
  4. PvP;
  5. Trading.

From the ‘flight chat’ between Niantic’s CEO John Hanke and DoctorPoGo, the following is coming:

  • The game will be balanced;
  • New items will be introduced;
  • PokeStop submission is on its way;
  • They will be stricter when it comes down to spoofing;
  • Go Fest part 2 incoming – confirmed for July 14-15 in Chicago, Illinois.

Also, during that conversation, John Hanke revealed that:

  • There’s something being done about Maps to make it more raid friendly;
  • Gen 4 / PvP are being worked on;
  • Level Cap will be increased.

Niantic is definitely working on something big for the 2-year anniversary, and I hope they will give us a chance to complete our Gen 3 dex before launching Gen 4. How about this? Legendary/Mythical Pokemon, then new Raid Bosses and then Gen 4?

Source: mrmousepad, TSR.

The Uno, Dos and Tres theory part: All credit goes to Joe Autrey.

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