Pokemon Go Alolan Forms Typing and Base Stats Chart

The Alolan forms are coming to Pokemon Go in the following weeks, so now it’s the perfect time to see their typing and base stats.

There are 18 Alolan forms in total, 10 if we count as a family as 1. Most of them are alternate forms of an entire alpine – Geodude family, Meowth family, Rattata family, Vulpix family, Sandshrew family and Grimer family. Only three are special case evolutions of existing Pokemon – Raichu, Marowak and Exeggutor.

I’ve made a list of all Alolan Pokemon, including their typing and base stats, and you can find it below.

Pokemon Original Typing Alolan Primary Typing Alolan Secondary Typing Attack Defense Stamina Max CP
Ratatta Normal Dark Normal
Raticate Normal Dark Normal 135 159 150 1587
Raichu Electric Electric Psychic 201 172 120 2143
Sandshrew Ground Ice Steel
Sandlash Ground Ice Steel 177 221 150 2366
Vulpix Fire Ice
Ninetales Fire Ice Fairy 170 207 146 2184
Diglett Ground Ground Steel
Dugtrio Ground Ground Steel 201 148 70 1587
Meowth Normal Dark
Persian Normal Dark 158 139 130 1614
Geodude Rock/Ground Rock Electric
Graveler Rock/Ground Rock Electric
Golem Rock/Ground Rock Electric 211 229 160 2916
Grimer Poison Poison Dark
Muk Poison Poison Dark 190 184 210 2709
Exeggutor Grass/Psychic Grass Dragon 230 158 190 2881
Marowak Ground Fire Ghost 144 200 120 1691

Also, I’ve made an image where you can see all Kanto Alolan Pokemon.


For last, see here for some very interesting facts about the Alolan forms.

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