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PSG.LGD outclassed Team Liquid and became this year’s Epicenter XL Major Champion

Epicenter XL, Dota 2 Major tournament held in Moscow, Russia, came down to an end. We witnessed great matches, great comebacks, and also new Major Champions. The final game took place between Team Liquid and PSG.LGD. It was quite surprising to see such an intense Dota 2, as the teams were fighting until their last breath. However, PSG.LGD simply outplayed Liquid in every single perspective.

Both teams had their moments. Almost every round was back and forth, making the outcome so unpredictable. While everyone believed the fifth match would be the decision maker on who takes the first place, PSG.LGD’s intelligence stood out in the fourth match. Being a best of 5 series, LGD’s managed to snatch this one with a result of 3-1, leaving no room for Liquid to recover.

Since the first game, PSG.LGD mentality came out strong with a winner. That put up PSG.LGD with a 1-0 advantage over Liquid. It was a game that could’ve gone both ways, however, PSG.LGD did somehow manage¬†to recover.

One of, if not the best player in the world Miracle- had its best moment while his teammates allowed him to get a Rampage. Overall, it was a quality final. Below you can find Miracle’s Rampage. That was the only game Liquid has managed to win over PSG.LGD, tieing up the result to 1-1.

Then everything turned into a disaster. Liquid was not able to grasp to their momentum and bring back the fight in their favor. It was a rough struggle and PSG.LGD did not fail in assessing their given room.

If you give a room to your opponent, no matter in which e-sport game you’re participating, you will surely get punished. That is precisely what happened to Liquid, which after multiple failed team fights, PSG.LGD gained a substantial boost of confidence and a significant momentum. They were closing every single gap, winning every single big and decisive battle, which in the long run gave nothing but a huge advantage to PSG.LGD.

Overall, this year’s Epicenter Major contained a lot of good Dota 2 action. We’ve witnessed some upsets, just as in every single Major.



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