PTC failure may no longer stop you from playing Pokemon GO, not anymore!

Many people who opted for Pokemon GO’s PTC or Pokemon Trainer Club have become unable to log and endeavor Pokemon GO’s passion. Anyone who merely embraced the PTC and cheered for it in the long term, have had some problems over the past. Namely, not being able to log in to Pokemon GO when the PTC is offline is nothing else but gibberish and nonsense. Thankfully, there’s a simple workaround.

Well, now there’s something that will give you a bit of happiness, and that’s Niantic’s decision to grant players a chance to log into their Pokemon GO. All they need to do is merely link their account with Google and Facebook. Thus, avoid any additional and such-related issues.

To successfully do so, you will need to give the required permission by yourself. Starting the from Settings menu, under Account you will find the two listed giants, Google and Facebook. From there, you can choose to link each of them. (See Image Below)

So that you know, account overlap is pretty much forbidden which means no players can link their already linked account. Thus, players will need a brand new one account if they previously used the same, which is a killer of fanatics running Pokemon GO on multiple devices. When it comes to privacy settings, we do know that Google and Facebook are asking too many options to allow, making the service less acceptable. If you’re scared, you could create an entirely new Google or Facebook account to enable this simple life-saving feature.

After players make their commitment to this service, you will need to log out and log in by using your newly authenticated Google or Facebook account. In this way, you will avoid the auto-login feature that Pokemon GO offers, and directly avoid the PTC login issue.

A big thanks to PokemonGOHUB for opening every player’s eyes.

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