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PUBG Update 12 is finally released on the live servers

If you remember firmly, the 12th update PUBG offered was about to contain various of AR changes, damage output tweaks, and more. Well, it was about time to receive the most critical balance update the game has received since its launch.

Players are surprised because of the multiple changes of loot spawns. One of the most significant difference is the level 3 helmets, which no longer spawn among regular loot. Instead, they can be only looted from care packages, and apparently, every single one of them will contain a level 3 helmet.

Among other things, right weapon attachments descriptions are also performed. One of the biggest priorities is the damage output of each weapon. Some of them buffed, other nerfed, it feels like PUBG is moving in the right direction. Below you can find the updated damage tables of some weapons.

While the update was available on the test servers, Bluehole made a couple of additional changes:

UPDATE 3: 5/3/2018 
We’ve squeezed in a few more changes before this patch hits live!

  • Now when you adjust your reticle style in-game (using the PageUp/PageDown keys) your preferences will be remembered across play sessions
  • The reticle on the 3x scope has been updated
  • Vertical mouse sensitivity is now set to 0.7 by default. To make your vertical:horizontal mouse sensitivity 1:1, simply set both to 1.0 in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing punching to slow down movement while sprinting
  • Fixed an issue causing crash sounds to play when approaching vehicles
  • We’ve added better in-game descriptions for all of the new grips and attachments. See updated descriptions in the patch notes below

We’ve also added more information about limb shot modifiers in the “Weapon & Item Balance” section of the patch notes.

Finally, here’s a friendly heads up that the Target Practice pan is a limited-time skin. It will be no longer purchasable starting May 17, 5PM PDT / May 18, 2AM CEST / May 18, 9AM KST

UPDATE 2: 4/30/2018
Three more quick changes:

  • Added a separate EU server option on the Test Server
  • Removed the glass from all windows with bars on Erangel
  • Added 26 community-created graffiti images to buildings in Erangel and Miramar


UPDATE 1: 4/27/2018
We’ve added some information about rewards UX changes to the “Map Selection and Main Menu UI” section of the patch notes.

Thankfully, all of the changes are now on the live servers, contributing to an improved gameplay experience. It’s one of the biggest patches PUBG has received, so we’d recommend you to check the official article made by PUBG Corp and find out all of the listed changes.

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