Rumor: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to be set in Ancient Greece

Should this story be accepted as yet another leak or just a rumor? Well, based on multiple previous appearances, leaks nowadays turn out to be true. Therefore, we’re here to share this with you, as Assassin’s Creed next series is called Odyssey, and is expected to take place in Ancient Greece.

As we have kept on receiving rumors about the next AC game in the past period, this one’s here to prove some things. After concluding that the game will be set in Greece and probably cover all the Greek Mythology, we can confirm that the game has a radical jump from one era to another. It feels like Origins was the first one to make a move towards that direction, and apparently, the developers noticed the positive outcome.

Thanks to the JeuxVideoLive leak, we have somewhat confirmation of the new Assassin’s Creed being called Odyssey and set in Ancient Greece. They posted a collectible spartan-looking helmet keychain which looks like the officials have created it. Not only that, but according to Kotaku, the Keychain appears to be shipping across the gaming stores across the world.


Since Ubisoft played its part in starting the marketing engine, regular speculation about the game’s release date would be somewhere in 2019. Based on previous AC launches, during Ubisoft’s 2019 fiscal year.

Therefore, this title should be highly anticipated at this year’s E3, which is the only legitimate place we could hear more details regarding Odyssey. Presumably, we’ll receive an ETA at E3 2018, for which everyone can build the hype upon.

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