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Tennis World Tour gets its official launch trailer

Bigben Interactive has announced that one sports product is ready for release. With a publication of the first Tennis World Tour launch trailer, Bigben Interactive has confirmed that Breakpoint’s work is finally coming down to an end.

Tennis World Tour is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is scheduled to release on PC on June 12 fulfilling the sports genre with a new styled Tennis game. The game will hold all the 30 professional tennis players from which players can choose to play as, including a realistic Career Mode in which player’s job will be to conquer the world.

However, looking from fans’ perspective, the game needs a lot more work to conclude to a finality. All of the animations are stall, and remind us of previous Tennis Games which sadly have not been mastered on a high level. As a Tennis simulator and judging by all the released video materials, the game’s status is considered to be “a rushed title.”

The main vulnerable factor for everyone is that not many Tennis games have achieved great heights, nor impressed many of the gamers across the world.

However, as a gamer myself and also a sports lover, giving this game a chance may turn out as a vital option. Therefore, we’ll leave you to judge on your own by watching the trailer below:



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