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Voice Chat feature is coming to Battle For Azeroth

Blizzard wants to encourage teaming or group play in the most successful MMORPG of all time, World of Warcraft. The new expansion has set up quite high expectations, and among many new features, we find that the Voice Chat feature may be extremely beneficial to everyone.

After adding Voice Chat into Heroes of the Storm, it was quite common to see a similar feature coming to World of Warcraft: BFA. Players will no longer be pushed to use third-party voice chat applications, such as Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak. Namely, is the same sort of trigger as in Heroes of the Storm, just after joining the group players will receive a dialogue whether or not they want to join the party voice chat.

Currently, this feature is still at testing phase on the official beta servers, for later to become viable and ready to use after the full release occurs. Encouraging teamplay may be the right thing for BFA since it will be oriented more around PvP than PvE.

Overall, we truly believe that this form of communication is quite vital before tackling down various instances. Since we love the mythic+ mechanic, having Voice Chat will contribute to a better gameplay experience.



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