Walmart’s RAGE 2 leaked pre-order game event caught up developers’ attention

Not long ago, Walmart Canada listed some video games available for pre-order. Among those games was the name of RAGE, the upcoming video game developed by idSoftware. Well, after the listing, the developers did not miss the chance to troll Walmart’s move regarding the “leaked” games available for pre-order.

Namely, RAGE’s, PETE Hines’ and Bethesda’s official Twitter accounts became active and responded to the current situation. RAGE’s official Twitter criticized Walmart’s respect towards the game, by letting them know that RAGE is written in all caps. Second, the keyart is entirely off the hook, and it misses age rating. They also put this image on their Twitter COVER.

On the other site, PETE Hines did not miss the opportunity to involve himself into this by letting everyone know that these kinds of bold moves prevent gamers from having beautiful things. For those who don’t know, Pete Hines works for Bethesda.

At last, Bethesda had the most intriguing answer, making everyone doubtful on the current situation. Was this supposed to be published by Walmart at first place? It feels so, as they have been probably contacted by the official marketing team regarding the same or maybe telling them about RAGE 2’s status.

Either way, it appears that another RAGE series is on the verge of existence.

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