World War Z gets a new Cinematic Gameplay Trailer, an upcoming Zombie Game

We have to prepare for yet another Zombie Game, World War Z, which has recently received a new Cinematic Gameplay Trailer. The official cinematic gameplay trailer was first published by IGN, and it showcases waves of zombies being perished from existence.

I honestly have no feelings, not anymore for any of the upcoming zombie games. All this new developer’s meta on creating zombie games it seems like it’s getting dead. Let’s be honest. The first and most crucial zombie game for all of us was DayZ. Since DayZ’s exaggerated development stall, it feels like the whole zombie games population shaded away. It’s simple as that.

When it comes to World War Z, some people are driven to buying the game since they believe is created based on the book. As an honest media working for the better video game experience, we’d love to inform you that it is not. Also, Saber Interactive Studios hadn’t claimed any of that. Yet, it definitely seems to hold something similar to the movie and that is the Zombie’s ability to climb on each other and conquer obstacles.

Namely, World War Z is expected to offer something like Days Gone, with a similar gameplay experience that will lead you to the insanity of beating fully throttled zombies. World War Z doesn’t have an official release date as it is labeled as coming soon. The game will be available on all three platforms, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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