Battlefield V’s Closed Alpha servers are already overloaded

You said you want to enjoy your Battlefield V closed alpha phase thoroughly? Well, let us guess, you have either joined the servers or are struggling hardcore throughout the connection process. However, this new situation is something to cheer about since the developers have managed to gather all the interests across the world onto their title.

After countless complaints on Twitter, it appears that the developers have stepped up their work and tried to figure out a couple of issues, including the Squad Join issues. Players haven’t been able to join and play with their friends, most likely because of the server overload.

However, the closed alpha will be available throughout the next two days, and most likely all the issues will be overcome. With this test period, every weapon will be available to test, including the same old overpowered flare. It’s quite annoying that it was neither nerfed nor removed. We genuinely believe that it should be extinguished from the game since it feels like it’s OP enough.

Those of you who did not receive an invite, make sure you hop on Twitch to find out what Battlefield V brings to the table.

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