Bethesda publishes another Fallout 76 E3 2018 video, Intro C.A.M.P. Video Trailer

The new Fallout 76 trailer brings something interesting to the table. More precisely, a feature that any player was looking forward to. Well, finally we have received a video, somewhat a tutorial of how the building and crafting work in Fallout 76. Well, yes, it’s yet another recycled E3 video, but anyhow you have to watch it as you’ll be rebuilding America by holding the lines in a multiplayer open world.

Rebuilding America is the go-to slogan for the game, as Bethesda seems to love using that very same motto in their official trailer videos. However, this introducing to C.A.M.P has disappointed some of the fans since it is a lot easier than the building in F4.

According to us, the C.A.M.P idea looks promising for an open-world of this caliber. Considering Fallout 76’s size and PVP perspective, it will build up the joy and embrace players to fight for their own territory.

Well, if it is like it’s supposed to, then it’s most likely to see players struggling, and yes, in the end, it will all depend on how friendly the surrounding. Be prepared, because it might happen “There Goes the Neighborhood.” You can watch the video below:

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