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Code Vein Gets New Screenshots and Trailer that Includes Boss Fight, Multiplayer Info Included

As we’re moving forward to its release date, Bandai Namco’s Code Vein gets a new gameplay trailer, as well as some fantastic screenshots. The latest info that surfaced holds information about crucial in-game details, same as the fore-expected and presumably incredible multiplayer the game will include.

After its first discovery, it was expected the fans to receive something new to cheer about. Finally, the new bits of info for this Soulsborne title came along. However, our most important notice is the construction of the multiplayer game mode. Players will be able to call out for help from other players by sending a signal. By doing that, they will be eligible to claim the same loot dropped by enemies and also earn Haze.

The game encourages communication between human players as they will be the only vital piece to solve the problematic encounters with ease. Among other things, this whole bit of info introduces us to the new Io. The new Io can perform new things, and as a companion, its job is (with player’s choice) to help us in various of Battles and Encounters.

Below you can watch the new trailer. The complete list of images and more detailed info could be found on Gematsu.



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