Dark Iron Dwarves are the only hope for returning the balance between Horde and Alliance in BFA

We all know how top-notch raiding guilds tend to swap to Horde not just because they look cool or anything (yes they do look more intriguing), but because their racials are more beneficial when compared to the Alliance. Also, more dedicated players tend to go with the Horde. To be honest, there’s nothing strange as it’s completely understandable and comes with a need and natural purpose. No one wants to be on the side of the loser’s team.

Therefore, it’s known that the Alliance needs new and refreshing forces in their squad. Well, we finally have something to cheer about, and that is Alliance’s new allied race coming in BFA, the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Currently, the player base count between the Alliance and Horde is not equally balanced. I hate to say it, but according to my research, they’re somewhere around 3:1. Namely, when it comes down to PVE and Raiding content, the HORDE is by far ahead. While most of the people believe it’s all about choosing the favorite faction, many professionals who are on a level of encountering the hardest content in World of Warcraft do not think the same way.

Therefore, as an Alliance player myself, seeing the numbers between the two factions is somewhat unacceptable. Blizzard should’ve dealt with this issue a long time ago because no one sees any balance for both normal leveling or doing high-end content. Another example I would love to give is the queue trigger comparison. There’s a difference when queueing for a Dungeon as DPS on highly populated Alliance servers, as well as highly populated Horde servers. In that department, the Horde snatches the win over the Alliance as well.

Will it come down to an end? Well, one thing’s sure. We probably have the next best Allied race when it comes to DPS racial. Not to forget the Void Elves and their passive which are already recruitable during Legion, but also the upcoming Dark Iron Dwarves, for which many people believe they’re the right fit for Battle For Azeroth. Now when all of the artifact powers and extra beneficial stats are gone, and a little bit of time spent in BFA, it is known that the primary attribute will be a significant decider when it comes to damage output.

Dark Iron Dwarves’ Fireblood Racial

If you’ve had played a bit of the Dark Iron Dwarves race in BFA, you are probably already aware of its Fireblood racial impact on the damage meters. While the original description misses the scale effect it has, let’s clarify that not only it gives you 100 stat for each effect of poison, disease, curse, magic and bleed removed, but it also increases a good percentage of your primary attribute for the duration. The duration is 8 seconds, which allows you to perform your opener quite effectively, and also use it 1 or 2 times more (of course if Raiding, depends on the time of the fight). The cooldown of the spell is 2 minutes. Look at the image below:

The Fireblood racial (if remains as such) will have a massive blast in PVP as well, which is going to deny any adverse effect easily. If you believe this is OP, it’s not. If you take into consideration the balance between Horde and Alliance, it must be somewhat equal. Enough is enough. Hence, we believe that Blizzard doesn’t have any intentions of nerfing the Fireblood Racial, but instead buffing it a bit more.

With that said, I suppose you already have a BFA key and tried the new Dark Iron Dwarves race. Therefore, if you’d love to add any extra opinion, please do so in the comments down below. Any comments are much appreciated!

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