Death Stranding E3 2018 trailer definitely raises more questions

This kind of Sci-fi that has been included in the full and official E3 trailer of Death Stranding has never been seen in a while now. After yesterday’s showcase, it raises more questions on how the game will develop. The developers themselves haven’t given any relevant info on the story.

Instead, they have just pointed out that the mystery of Death Stranding will be discovered throughout its narrative gameplay. The official trailer below has info from the actual in-game footage shows somewhat a survival genre with a futuristic technology being available to our hands.

It all begins with Normal Reedus carrying lots of c*** on his back serving his transporting duty and encountering spiritual successors for which are a massive threat for the humanity. At least that’s how we all can explain it. For the first time after a long time, the two goddesses have been discovered in this trailer. Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux. Kojima likes Lea’s movies as well as her, and her Female Assassin aura has stricken him, so we assume her purpose in this game will be of that department.

Knowing Kojima, we now may know why he was fired from Konami. Namely, his effort and professionalism have brought him to this stage. He is a perfectionist and all he wants is his games to be accepted as such. This game is expected to be work of art, and not to assume too early, but most likely to be something similar to Detroit: Become Human.

For now, that is all we have to share. Make sure you watch the mysterious trailer down below and try to decrypt any possible sequence. Then, make sure you involve in the comments down below.

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