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Escape From Tarkov’s Glitching Tutorial Videos caught up Lead Dev Nikita’s attention

It turns out that Escape From Tarkov is still suffering from lots of glitches such as money and weapon duping. The whole situation caught up Nikita’s attention, which is EFT’s Lead Dev. Namely, the intentions of the videos are not harmful. The publisher wants to post the videos to the public to push the developers to react faster. Performing this action not only it will strengthen the EFT community but will sustain the healthy player base.

Caution! Before you jump to a conclusion keep in mind that the game is still in a Closed Beta phase.

Now, as a reminder, there are people in this world that love realistic games, which usually bring a whole new level of realism, such as Escape From Tarkov. Having such realism in a video game should carry the developer’s attention a lot faster before finding out that people started a revolution of posting videos with glitches by themselves.

Now, may have been a rumor or so, but we’ve heard that the developers of EFT are banning videos that harm their video game in some way. Therefore, the lead developer Nikita has appeared on one of the YouTube videos explaining that the glitching videos should be sent directly to him, instead of being posted out to the public. Otherwise, they would spoil the game, and no one would love to play it anymore. The whole comment was posted on a Reddit Thread, and you could see it below.

Last chance from EscapefromTarkov

Well, according to the videos holding a couple of crucial glitches, any EFT newcomer could get a huge advantage in just a couple of seconds. Not only that you could share thousands of dollars, rubles or euros with your partner, but also keep your weapons intact after each raid.

El_Dee, a Youtuber playing Escape From Tarkov has begun a resistance. He has posted lots of videos containing different glitches. Some of them are of high importance that should make the developers think twice before releasing a new patch. All of the posted glitches are crucial and extreme, for which it bypasses the previously reported ones.

You may watch a couple of the glitches below:

Overall, it’s a sad day for the EFT community and all the honest players, since the videos keep on coming. In the last 24 hours, there have been two new videos posted by the same Youtuber. Well, being the middle man and reporter, both sides are somewhat right. The Youtuber, a member of the EFT¬†community, want these glitches fixed ASAP, while the developers wish the video leaks to stop to avoid toxicity and prevent spreading the glitches any further.



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