Fallout 76 will be an Open-World multiplayer game with dedicated servers, E3 2018 Trailer, Release Date

Not only that Fallout 76 it will be 4 times bigger than its predecessor Fallout 4, but it will also be four times more exciting. As on today’s press conference, Bethesda noted that the game would be an open-world PVP and will contain “a really” dedicated servers. Dedicated… with all the Bethesda’s heart.

As much as it sounds different than its predecessors, do not despair, as you’ll still be able to play it in single player. At least, that’s what Mr. Todd Howard said. Since the arrival of Todd Howard to Bethesda the Fallout series moved to a whole new level, and with that same high-end magnitude, there’s nothing else left but to expect lots of surprises in Fallout 76.

Being scared of the PVP mode is just pure nonsense. Namely, all PVP games are proven to be more successful, both in favor of the players and developers. Being able to interact with human players across the Open-World could be very helpful and positive.

However, let’s move to the independent part of the Fallout story. Rebuilding America will be a task of nature. It’s more entertaining to do so when playing with friends than just doing it single player. At least for me. The world looks nastier than any previous Fallout series.

Fallout 76 will come out on November 14, 2018. Below you can find the official E3 2018 trailer for Fallout 76, and while watching, make sure you grasp your pants and make sure they don’t fall off.

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