Friends, Gifting and Trading Coming to Pokemon Go

Trainers, three new features are coming to Pokemon Go – Friends, Gifting, and Trading.


  • Add friends by trading Trainer Codes;
  • Spinning Photodisks has a chance of dropping Gifts, can only be opened when given away;
  • Gifts can include Alolan forms;
  • Sending gifts, raiding or gym battling with a friend increases friendship level. Once per day per friend;
  • Trade with Level 10+ and gives candy, more candy the greater the distance between catch locations;
  • Trading requires stardust, more powerful pokemon = more stardust. Higher friendship level = less stardust;
  • Trade screen will show CP & HP range after trade aka IVs are rerolled;
  • Special trades;
  • Only one trade per day of shiny/legendary/new dex entry;
  • Only between Great or Best friends;
  • Requires a large amount of dust.

Check for details here.

You will be able to connect with friends using a Trainer Code. With gifts, you may receive a gift from PokeStops which can contain eggs of Alolan Forms and the ability to send a gift. You can’t open the gift yourself but can send to friend. In addition to this, you can have a Friendship Level. This can be increased by trading and you use Stardust to trade so you need to have high stardust.

Friend levels increase when you do various things with friends such as a gym battles and the higher your friend level, the more bonuses you can accrue. There are four levels of friendship: Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend and Best Friend. Great Friends can receive Attack bonuses in Gym and Raid battles, for example.

With trading, you will receive bonus candy for the Pokémon you trade away, with more candy being given if the Pokémon were caught far apart. Legendary Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon and Pokémon not in your Pokédex require a Special Trade. These can only occur once a day with a Great or Best Friend.

For more info, visit the official Pokemon Go website.

Via: Serebii,net

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