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Hitman 2 Miami trailer puts the barcoded agent into new action

Hitman 2 has received a new trailer. IO Interactive as published this new gameplay trailer highlighting an amazingly detailed sandbox environment, allowing the players to take a course of action in their desired way. The new Miami trailer came out just after the official announcement at E3 2018, and as seen, will include unique and additional tools the players can have fun with.

The setting is different from what we’ve seen. This time, in Miami, Agent 47 will have a job to eliminate two characters, Robert and Sierra Knox. One of the most exciting and important things for the community is the return of the sniper rifle. With the new Sniper Assassin mode and the co-op feature, the game is about to introduce something different. Being able to tackle down missions with friends, in some eyes it has become already quite overwhelming.

The hype is real and is about to become even more significant. The game will also improve its shooting mechanics, with a significant enhancement on the blood and gore system it offers. More about this we’ll find out in the near future. For now, we’ll leave you with the new Miami trailer below.

Hitman 2 is coming out on PC on November 13.



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