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Illegally Obtained Pokemon are going to be deleted, Niantic to begin their chase after suspicious players

In every single game, there’s a catch when it comes to breaking the rules. To cheat or not to cheat is the central question. In this case, we have Pokemon GO which is also suffering from the same issue. Pokemon’s developer Niantic has announced that they’re beginning a chase after illegal players, who tend to break and bend the game in their favor. Those who have illegally obtained Pokemon will be choked down by removing their success, or more precisely, delete their offensively acquired Pokemon.

As usual, it always begins with simple tweets. Same happened here, where Pokemon GO Japan has announced the beginning of the “Special OPS action.” Any destroyed normal gameplay will be punished, and those using third-party services will most likely be caught in the long run.

Removing Player’s Pokemon captured irregularly will become a reality. A picture of how that looks has also been posted on Twitter, namely as a response to Pokemon GO Japan’s tweet.

After writing many articles, we know, and we have determined player’s eagerness for fair gameplay. Every Pokemon GO Lover who have never tried nor will try to break the game loves having good competitivity before else. Therefore, Niantic is on the run and will hopefully deal with all the “bad guys” out there.

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Amie Gammons

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  1. The above image is a glitch that has been around for a very long time. This article has some hilarious sentences such as: “Every Pokemon GO Lover who have never tried nor will try to break the game loves having good competitivity before else.” This article sure is ‘good competivity’! All our base are belong to us! Somebody set up us da bomb! 😛

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