Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale gets official Gameplay Trailer

Islands of Nyne is a new Battle Royale game that has been available in Early Access only for a couple of insiders. The game includes quite robust elements and smooth gameplay when it comes to a Battle Royale genre. As it comes close to a finish in its development cycle, the developer Define Human Studios have finally decided to release an official Gameplay Trailer.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is developed in Unreal Engine 4 and includes exclusively first-person mode. The game is most likely not planning to add a 3D perspective, in which determines the purpose of realism and fair before all. The new sci-fi Battle Royale is a very skill-driven that allow the experienced players to shine.

Just as PUBG, the matches in Islands of Nyne will consist of 100 players in which in the end there will be only one winner. The game’s scientific purpose will include three different terrains with a different environment unfamiliar to planet Earth.

Our main excitement comes from the developer’s dedication and its continuous work on improving the game on a daily basis. The game officially enters Early Access in less than a month, or more precisely on July 12th. Do not forget, its signature is related to being an only First-Person shooter, and being classified as such we’re more than sure players would love it.

Now the game runs smoother than ever, and it was about time to receive an official gameplay trailer. You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

Angel Kicevski

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