Let the Core war begin, AMD to launch a 32-core CPU by the end of this year

If you have missed it, at Computex, AMD came out with a higher core number CPU, planned to launch by the end of 2018 as well. It’s more like “hold my beer” situation. The new Threadripper, 2nd GEN RYZEN CPU will have a 12nm architecture, and 32 cores.

In their presentation of the new beast, a lot of disappointment appeared among the fans since they have not used any benchmark software to prove the world that is working. More precisely, it seems that AMD deliberately avoided Cinebench unlike Intel’s announcement of their 28-Core CPU.

As much as I’d love to go into details about marketing, I’d also like to stop here with the official Computex AMD video posted by AMD itself. However, Intel used the Cinebench live on stage. According to Tom Hardware’s article, they’ve been using a big water cooling system to deal with the power and temperature, but still, they have managed to spice it up live and show the real performance gain.

On the other side, AMD rendered an image, Quote: “on an air cooling system” while using their Threadripper 2. Something’s not right, and we’ll discover that as soon as these two beasts hit the market. Anyhow, we’re about to see a huge enhancement in the world of gaming if these two CPUs note a successful appearance.

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