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New Pokemon Go Update 0.107.1 Available Now, Here are the Changes

Trainers, Pokemon Go just got a new update 0.107.1, bringing some changes and new features in the game.

Update 0.107.1 APK mirror is now available and you can get it from here. Below you can see the 0.107.1 patch notes.

pokemon go update 0.107.1 new screen

PoGO Update 0.107.1 Patch Notes

  • New Loading Screen;
  • New Gym Notification Tab (found in the news section);
  • New Alola search term added;
  • Searching when forming a battle team is no longer gets forgotten between selections – (Also the “Defender” search term is remembered between remote berry feeding);
  • Reorganised layout of things like the location on the Pokemon Screen;
  • Small visual update to the journal;
  • Small layout changes to the profile screen;
  • The search bar is now centered when searching Pokemon;
  • New Zoom animation when encountering a wild Pokemon – (Animation zooms in from way above the Pokemon);
  • New transition animation when clicking on your player avatar opening your profile – (A simple slide from the bottom transition has been applied when clicking on your trainers head corner icon);
  • New badges (Friends, Trade, Trade Distance);
  • New move Hydro Canon.

pokemon go update 0.107.1

New findings, thanks to our dataminer Chrales:

  • New costume (pikachu ?) for SUMMER_2018;
  • Player reputation (normal, bot, spoofer);
  • POI submission update;
  • Raid Passes, Incubator & Super Incubator in bundle.

For last, all Alolan Pokemon are now added to the GM file, including their shiny forms (see image below, thanks to Chrales) and we expect to see a new Alolan form anytime soon. Until then, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.



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