Pokemon Go Epic Battle Alolan Raticate vs Mewtwo, Finish Him!

Mewtwo, the Legendary Pokemon available to battle and catch only with an EX Raid pass invitation, was defeated by 16 Pokemon Go Trainers from the UK, Lvl 30+ using only Alolan Raticate.

One of the players a.k.a tensfredz, shared the video on Reddit (check below) and he was kind enough to share the story with us.

We’re in a town called Harrogate in North Yorkshire, UK. We’re a close-knit raid group with about 80 active raiders. The raid was today, Thursday at 1 pm at one of our 6 EX eligible gyms and this was maybe our 15th EX Raid in the town. There was another EX Raid in a different part of town at the same time.

About 20 trainers received passes, 16 Trainers took part (some couldn’t make it due to work, school etc). The trainers ranged from low level 30s up to 40. There was 10 Mystic trainers and 6 Instinct, 0 Valor.

We didn’t have much strategy… everyone had at least 6 Alolan Raticate each and we aimed for the Bite / Crunch moveset. Some trainers powered up their rats and we were all prepared to revive the team at least once or twice. It was a lot easier than we thought and there were about 140 seconds left.

It was a h*** of a lot of fun, and lots of laughter was shared by everyone who took part!”

Take a look at the ‘EPIC BATTLE.’

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