Pokemon Go Friends, Gifts and Trading Feature Summarized

Friends, Gifts and Trading (FGT) are now live in Pokemon Go for some players (Lvl30 and higher at the moment), and the Pokemon Go community started to share their account’s code in order to send and receive gifts from friends all over the world.

I know that these features might be a little bit confusing for some, so I’ve decided to dig deeper and get the right info on the new FGT system. So, here are the most important things that each of us should know when talking about the new system, thanks to p337_info.

Friends and Gifts Summarized

  • You can turn off the Friend and gift notifications in settings;
  • Unsent Gifts to not take up bag space;
  • You can only have 5 un-sent gifts in your item storage at one time (new restriction) after that, PokeStops will stop giving you more gifts until you drop below 5;
  • Gifts have a random chance to drop from Pokestops and Gyms;
  • Video of opening a gift;
  • Friend activity shows when your friends catch shinies;
  • Friendship, trading, and trade distance medals added;
  • You can copy the whole “Use my friend code” message and paste it into the game;
  • Using your one time “Trainer rename” function has known issues with friend progress;
  • Removing and re-adding a friend will not remove friendship progress;
  • The news section shows what items friends received from your gift;
  • There is a limit of 20 gifts opened per day.

Trading Summarized

  • Trading currently available to Level 30 and up (Changing quickly);
  • Standard trades cost 100 Stardust;
  • Once traded, the Pokemon you receive in trade cannot be traded to anyone else;
  • Weight and move-set are maintained between trades;
  • Trading XL Magikarps (>13.13kg) count towards the Fisherman Medal;
  • Trading tiny Rattata (<0.25m) count towards the Youngster Medal;
  • There was a temporary bug where traded Pokemon were a minimum of Level 20.

Trading and Stardust rates

Both players pay the same stardust price – the highest price – regardless if one person already has the Pokemon they are receiving

Unacquired shiny variants, Alolan Forms, Unknown Letters and Castform forms all count as a new dex entry for trading.

  • New Pokedex Entry | 20 000 Stardust;
  • Legendary Trade | 20 000 Stardust;
  • Shiny Trade | 20 000 Stardust.

Any 2 or more combinations of the above = 1 Million stardust eg:

  • Legendary + New Pokedex Entry | 1 Million Stardust;
  • Any Pokemon you’ve never gotten Shiny before | 1 Million Stardust.

Trading and Candy Rates

Candy is awarded based on the distance between where each pokemon was caught. You receive a number of candy for the Pokemon you are trading away. If you wish, you can then get 1 candy for transferring the Pokemon you received in the trade

  • 1 Candy = Close distance
  • 2 Candy = somewhere between 30/50 km
  • 3 Candy = over 100km distance

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