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PUBG’s Sanhok map is Finally Available on the Live servers

The project first began under codename Savage, when the 4x4km map was introduced in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. That was followed by test sessions where players had the opportunity to verify the integrity of the map as its development was progressing. Somewhere in the middle of the tests, PUBG Corp came out with the official name of the map, Sanhok.

Today is the day when the new 4x4km map, Sanhok, officially joins the PC live servers, as PUBG Corp stated the same. The creation of the Sanhok map is expected to shorten the game time for everyone by providing them an explosive and fast-paced gameplay. Thanks to its smaller size and improved loot tables, we genuinely believe that Sanhok will become the most favorite map among the community.

Alongside the new map, there is also a new weapon and other various cosmetics that are only available throughout the Event Pass. Event Pass? Yep! You’ve heard it right. If anyone from the players would love to receive the new cosmetic items coming from Sanhok’s branch they have to buy the new event pass. The players will need to level up, and as they do, they get various of different skins. Event Pass price is $9.99.

Furthermore, the in-game menu and layout look quite refreshing, friendlier and more beautiful than what it used to before.

With that being said, don’t be shy to check out our comparison of Sanhok vs. Arma 3’s Tanoa, in which specific segments on the map provide¬†us with a quick flash of Arma 3’s Tanoa.



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