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Quake Champions’ promised new GORE system is now available with the June update

If you remember firmly, we have been covering Quake Champions for quite a while now. Bethesda has recently promised a new Gore system alongside many other changes and balances. Therefore, the JUNE has brought them all, including the new Gore System for which it looks astonishing.

Many players ask the question since when Quake Champions have a Gore system. The answer is simple, since everywhen! However, now, it is more advanced and better looking than ever before. However, this JUNE update raises concerns when it comes to the pure and improved gameplay experience. Quake Champions hasn’t got that big of a player base, so players need to adjust to the new matchmaking system.i

Namely, Bethesda is adding a Bots to the matchmaking with a purpose to shorten the queue times. However, the system’s interoperability will swap the current bot if any new player joins the match. While this change may hurt the joining player’s experience because of the loss of lead, other players that have been among the first on the server will experience its beneficial side.

Alongside many other changes, we’d love to highlight the weapon,¬†health, armor and champion balances. There are many changes for which are expected to improve the game itself. For instance, Anarki, our favorite junkie in Quake Champion’s lineup is now buffed, for which it gives a reason to play him again. In these kinds of games where the characters you play with have crucial and important abilities, it’s hard to find a right balance between.

All of the patch notes are listed on the official Quake Champions website. If you’d love to find them, you can visit the website by clicking here.



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