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RAGE 2 official E3 2018 gameplay trailer proves to be the favorite

Lots of Gore. Bethesda’s latest RAGE 2 trailer promotes a humiliation for all the opposing characters. I mean, aiming down sites while blowing up brains and what not is quite exciting isn’t it?¬†After numerous leaks and finally an official announcement a couple of weeks ago, RAGE 2 has finally arrived on this year’s E3 with a new gameplay trailer.

The new trailer holds gameplay footage of in-game mission, which kind of promotes its brutality and pumps a right amount of adrenaline, by just watching it… yeah! RAGE 2’s Open-World will be vast and explosive and will bring a whole lot of blast in its wasteland. It’s all about the immersive gameplay as everyone loves to experience, right?

Well, Bethesda’s job around RAGE 2, especially with the official release date is not exact, but it is confirmed that will be released in Spring 2019. The story of the game is expected to be a lot more immersive than before and will include whole new varieties of gameplay features that are about to blow your mind.

Below you can find the new gameplay trailer promoted during E3 2018. Caution! There’s a reason why it’s called RAGE 2.



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