Regice is the Next Legendary Pokemon, Available Until July 19

Just as we expected, the next Legendary Pokemon has been announced, and starting today until July 19, Pokemon Go players around the world will have a chance to battle and catch the new Tier 5 Legendary Pokemon Regice.

Just yesterday, the world famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales has discovered Regis family code in the GM file, and starting today we’re going to battle against one of Regi trio – Regice.

Regice is not going to be hard to beat and here is why:

The best counters against Regice are Moltres and Entei. Ho-Oh is a high TDO option, resisting all but the Ice-types attacks. Also, Fire Fang+Fire Blast Salamance can become highly effective against Regice, and both Metagross and Focus Blast Mewtwo function great against the Legendary Ice Type Pokemon.

You know have a short and very useful guide, so go out there and get yourselves a Regice!

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