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Resident Evil 2 Remake to include a refreshing and completely re-built narrative

On yesterday’s PS4 press conference, Capcom has revealed Resident Evil 2. The remake is about to happen, as Capcom published the trailer for the game at this year’s E3. However, the developer has struck some nerves over at the fans of the series. Some of them believe it should’ve been just in its continuation, while others think this move is appropriate.

Well, in Resident Evil 2 players will choose their actions on how they want to play throughout the intense action and horror. Players will be able to enjoy the campaigns of Leon and Claire and will allow players to observe the story throughout them both.

On one particular question whether or not RE2 will keep the traditional camera or not, Capcom has already stated that it will have the shoulder cam and conventional fixed camera. Overall, despite the fact it’s a Remake of the game, it appears that it will offer unprecedented immersion.

Let’s talk about the zombies now. They will be a whole lot different in both shape and sizes. Their artificial intelligence is also enhanced since they’ll be able to react in real on separate occasions. For instance, if a player shoots a zombie, it will instantly respond to the trigger.

Below you can find the showcase trailer published at E3.




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