Sunglasses Squirtle Community Day July 8

Update 02/07/18: Squirtle with sunglasses is now officially confirmed!

Previous Story: July’s Community Day event is getting closer and this time Pokemon Go players around the world will have a chance to catch Squirtle (shiny forms also available), earn bonuses and we might even get a chance to catch Sunglasses Squirtle.

The seventh in a row Community Day is going live on July 8 for three hours, starting at 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM CEST.

During this 3-hour event, players around the world will see Squirtle more often and will have 1/4 Egg Hatch distance and 2-hour Lures as a bonus. Also, evolving Wartortle into Blastoise will learn a special move – Hydro Cannon! In addition, their shiny forms are coming and here is how they look.

This is all great and everyone wants to catch ’em all including their shiny forms, but what is more interesting is that we might get a chance to catch Sunglasses Squirtle for the first time. Now, have in mind that this is only a rumor!

The Pokemon Company posted a video on their Youtube channel with a title Squirtle Squad Goals. In the video below you can see Sunglasses Squirtle just ahead of July’s Community Day. Is this just a coincidence? Well, we just have to wait and see for ourselves.

Now, a great idea (thanks to Not_Pablo_Sanchez) would be if the average Squirtle has the circle lens glasses while a smaller percentage has the pointy glasses. Then when combining that with a chance at a shiny, you would have people going after a ton of them looking for a shiny with pointy glasses. Sounds great, right? That would be a crazy Community Day!

For last, have in mind that there was a SUMMER_2018 costume found in one of the previous APKs! The hype is real!

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