The Division update 1.8.2 is coming on June 14, will add 2 more Legendary Missions

The Division’s 100th in total State of the game has just ended. In it, we have discovered some significant news coming to The Division thanks to the 1.8.2 patch. As the community developers noted, this is more likely to be just the beginning, since not only we do have new content and balance coming to TD, but instead, we have a whole new TD2 game coming which shall be witnessed for the first time at this year’s E3.

However, let’s get back to The Division and the 1.8.2 update which is going to be available on June 14. With it, two new legendary missions will become active. One of them is really big and extremely hard, General Assembly, while the other is a mission we played a looooong time ago as a part of the main story, and that is the Madison Field Hospital. The only part that bothers the community is that they have come too late.

Well, apart from that, there will be multiple fixes regarding some classified gear sets, buffs and nerfs as well. The long-awaited Shields, which are going to be collectibles that will allow players some kind of an “advantage” or cosmetics in The Division 2. We do not know what kind of word Shields is all about, but we’ll have the chance to see it during this year’s E3 for the first time.

This may be a great marketing time for those who want to buy The Division 2, for which if it gives them various advantages many players will probably get back to The Division to farm their fore-early success out.

Furthermore, the new 1.8.2 patch will bring new Encrypted Cache IV which is going to be available at the Premium Vendor. The new cache will contain four new vanity collections that will unlock a bonus Vanity set once they’re fully completed.

We cannot forget to mention the cap increase of Phoenix Credits. Now, their max cap is at 8000, for which is 7000 more than back when the first release of The Division occurred. If you wish to find out all the listed changes that patch 1.8.2 brings, continue reading below:

State of the Game #100 – June 7th, 2018 from thedivision

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