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Week 9 Leaked Fortnite Map Points Out Changes in Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot

It appears that you can snatch full map image by performing sneaky skillful maneuvers. In full resolution too! Taken into consideration how big this leaked image is, we can almost confirm that it’s true and about to happen. This data has been gathered by the already famous data miners, @twoepicbuddies. When it comes to Fortnite, their work is quite dominant.


It appears that the next update not only brings changs to Tilted Towers, but also to Dusty Divot and Villan Lair.

According to the leaked image, Tilted Towers has a new building. More specifically a new tower. On the other hand, Dusty Divot has more trees. The rocket is missing in Villain Lair as well. The theory about the rocket is quite heavy. It is expected to launch towards space, but who knows where it’s going to end. Knowing the authenticity and success of @twoepicbuddies’ data mining work so far, we’re more than sure that this may turn out to be true.

Furthermore, they have published the map in full resolution, and it’s huge with a size of 40MB. The excellent resolution serves so you could take a sneak peek at any single detail on the map. This is another proof that data mining slowly grows into a whole movement, and it shifts the way of bringing fresh news to all of the fellow gamers.

If you’d love to find out their full map image, you could find it by clicking here. Warning, after downloading it on your PC, it may take a while to render completely so do not turn off the image instantly.

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