3 Best Steam Games of June 2018

We’re not going to take a break of those Battle Royale Game, but other genres are here to surprise as well. With that being said, let’s preview the three best Steam games of June 2018. It offers somewhat a dedication to make a list and judge the best three, so we hope you’re going to like them.

Realm Royale

Let’s kick off with another Battle Royale video game. Realm Royale made quite a robust appearance and managed to gather lots of favorite streamers’ attention. Hi-Rez studios have somewhat failed to keep up the pace with the community’s requirements. However, the game’s did reasonably good during June, and it deserves to be among the top video games for this particular month.

However, things are not going too well as their concurrent player number is going down. It has something with the recent legendary tweaks. To be honest, it’s hard to determine the overpowered source of problems in a game like this. Having multiple classes player’s could play with makes the game differ from other BRs, and also more challenging to balance.

Crash Bandicoot The N.Sane Trilogy

Here we go again. No matter the time passed we’ll always get back to the very roots of video games. Namely, for some people, it all began with Crash. Thanks to its arrival on the Steam market, it put the game on the top of the list. Furthermore, after its appearance on the PC platform the game has brought three more games, which envelopes farther and more thorough gameplay experience.

It’s one of those series that will never sin into the shadows of failure, as fans across the globe will always have that nostalgic tangibility whenever they read “CRASH” in the title.


Multiple players have finally exposed Dr. Jonathan Reid’s sufferings. Vampyr tends to shape its story based on player’s actions. Knowing that Dr. Jonathan Reid’s pain comes from the virus he’s been infected with, he needs to feed himself with frank and honest London citizens while also moving forward throughout the story in which he needs to purify the evil out of London.

He has tough tasks, but he surely deserves the spot among the top Steam video games characters of June 2018.

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