Articuno to be the Only T5 Raid Boss During Articuno Day, Five Free Raid Passes Details Revealed

The Global Challenge event tasks have been successfully finished and as a reward, Pokemon Go players around the world will have 3-hours Articuno event on July 7, featuring Articuno as a Tier 5 Rais Boss and its shiny form.

  • Asia-Pacific: 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
  • Americas and Greenland: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8) / 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST (GMT -5) or from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

The past two days, Niantic support (Morgan) sent an email confirming that during the event, Articuno and Regice, both Legendary Pokemon will spawn out of T5 eggs. Here is the email.

This got players confused and it would be a ‘nightmare’ to coordinate. Here are some of the comments:

  • “So, we get 3 hours of: “OMW to the L5 raid. Can join ONLY if Articuno. Starting at hatch?” and “I’ll be there at hatch. Will do either right away.” and “I’ll come if Articuno. I’m 10 minutes away. Can we start 15 minutes after hatch?”
  • I live in Japan and can see about 13 gyms from my house and this news has me bummed. I cannot imagine driving to find raids.”
  • Wouldn’t they sell more passes if they were all Articuno? I mean, we only got 3 hours. Cue people abandoning when Regice pops.”

On the same day, a new email was sent, this time from Karl, explaining that Articuno will be the only T5 Raid Boss during the 3-hour Articuno Day event. Here is what he wrote.

I mean, what are you doing Niantic support?

Today, a new email was sent by Ashley, saying:

“I apologize for the confusion in the previous email and I want to confirm that, in the 3hr window on Articuno Day, all Tier 5 Raids will be Articuno!”

She also added that when a player spins a Photo Disc at a Gym, he/she will receive a Raid Pass up to five times starting when the event kicks off in the Asia-Pacific region! Check the start time above!

Have fun and let’s catch ’em all!

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  1. For Europe you need to update your post to say 10am to 1pm BST (GMT+1). For UTC/GMT it’s 9am to Noon. You’ll confuse people otherwise.

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