Battlefield V Will Include a Total of 8 Multiplayer Game Modes At Launch

It’s only the Battle Royale that’s going to be included, so we all have to deal with it. Calm down; it’s just a prank. Battlefield V will consist of a total of 8 different game modes, and even though I am a fan of puzzlers, I will still participate in the war zone. When I think twice I cannot also wait for October to come.

First of all, let’s comment on the most popular genre nowadays, Battle Royale. As you know, Battlefield V will include the BR genre in its code for which is expected to brings lots of players to this year’s BF title. No one could ever resist the current look of Fortnite and PUBG and therefore has to unleash its creativity and try to beat what those two offer. The fact that Battlefield V is a WW2 themed shooter increases the hunger to experience this new game mode.

However, everything past BR will still be fun to engage in Battlefield V. Namely; there are going to be numerous game modes players could go for. There will be 8 different multiplayer game modes coming at launch. Battle Royale is not included in the starting ones, so that makes it 9 in total, right?

All of the game modes below will be added at launch, as they have been exposed on this Reddit’s thread. You can find them below:

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Frontlines
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Breakthrough
  • 3 others TBA
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