BFA Pre-Patch Brings Problems, WoW Servers are Still Down

After the 8.0 pre-patch has been deployed, it is expected the servers to pop up and be available to play. However, for some reason after the maintenance has finally finished, Blizzard met new issues on the way that caused login difficulties.

As Blizzard’s support team stated on their official Twitter profile, they’re still investigating the issue that is causing this outage. Some players have been able to log in for a moment. Below is the official tweet.

Just as a reminder, the pre-patch shall bring new content players to enjoy playing, which will intrigue them until the official BFA release. Class changes, removal of a good portion of Legion, and what is supposed to be the most exciting feature than just the new content itself, the Voice Chat feature that will be available during BFA.

In other news, World of Warcraft old content becomes free to play. To simplify this, it means that players will no longer need to purchase prior expansions to level up through them, which makes them eligible to level up to 110 with only paying the subscription. Therefore, six expansions are becoming free to play, except the latest which is Battle For Azeroth.

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