Fortnite Season 5 Max Level Battle Pass Skins – How do they look like?

Fortnite’s Season 5 brings a new phenomenon in which players could upgrade the looks of their Legendary Battle Pass Skins. However, giving the players only two upgradable skins frustrated the whole community which in turn resulted in lousy feedback. Namely, everyone was expecting that Season 5 will bring more stock skins to the game and not just 7.

Drift and Ragnaros, both with different varieties that could be unlocked by nothing else but just playing the game. What differs than the previous season is that this season, to open all the looks, you’ll only need the Experience instead of the Battle Pass Levels.

The changes have come due to negative feedback during Season 4, in which players found it quite tricky to grinding the needed goal.

Below we have made gifs of both Drift and Ragnarok at which you could see all their outfits.

Drift – Fortnite Season 5 Legendary
Ragnarok – Fortnite Season 5 Legendary


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