Fortnite’s Rocket Launch May Bring a New Map, the Crack in the Sky Seems Like an Unopened Rift

There are not many theories about the Fortnite’s crack in the sky. We all know what caused them, and that was the recent Rocket Launch. While most people believed that it might turn into a failure of an event, Epic Games proved the opposite, making Fortnite amongst the first games having this kind of development.

However, let’s get back to Fortnite’s crack in the sky, what is it, and does it grow bigger each day? Many beliefs online have been revealed, and they tend to point out that Fortnite’s crack in the sky is increasing on a daily basis, while it’s evident that the crack is the same, unless you’re watching it from a different perspective.

There are not many mysteries hiding behind the event and what is it about to bring to Fortnite. What is expected, however, the upcoming season to deliver something juicy? Let’s check the recently alleged theories.

New Map in Fortnite?

A theory that’s been already familiar. The Rocket had a scientific purpose of finding and luckily discovering new species in the universe. By doing this, the Rocket will most likely end up on a new planet, revealing a whole new map in Fortnite. A new map that we could enjoy playing. The rocket launch left the patch behind, which is most likely to open. For now, it looks like a closed Rift. When the Rift opens, another Planet could shine and be available to see from the already established and current home. This story appears to hold water yet because it has been a long time pushing players to queue up on the same map. Hence, it seems reasonable for Epic Games to bring a new map into Fortnite.

In the coming period, everyone expects to either see this patch opening or growing bigger until the grand finale. We also expect other smaller cracks across the sky to appear. That’s going to be entirely appropriate since this moment has to be dragged and built in a way to remind players something is forging in Fortnite.

Other theories have proven wrong. Taken into consideration the same content (despite the live updates) getting a new map seems like the best and most reasonable guess. But the most exciting part has already occurred, and that was the live Rocket launch without burning down the Fortnite servers. Some people got killed, so they weren’t able to experience the event as they intended, but no worries, because Youtube is here.

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