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Gene Rain Gets Its Announce Trailer

Deeli Network has published the official announce trailer for their upcoming third-person shooter. Gene Rain includes new next-gen elements, which will introduce us to a unique and special gameplay experience.

It’s a story in which three forces are involved in a conflict because of the difference between their ideas and goals. Players will have control over three characters in the game, Alex, Salman, and Li Ying. All of them have to be controlled as a core part of the game, without having any chance to opt-out of any.

Gene Rain will offer a rough battle mechanics thanks to the distinct AI behavior. Each encountered enemy shall possess unique abilities which are supposed to contribute to a thriving gameplay experience.

As the press reads:

“Gene Rain” is a 3D next-gen third person shooter game which linearly expands the plot through new human narrative structures,the game presents a new macro world to everyone by shocking visual effects.

Gene Rain is already listed in Steam’s Library and will become purchasable tomorrow, 7/17/2018 on its official release date.



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