Pokemon Go Dortmund Safari Zone Event Attracted 170,000 Players

The Safari Zone event in Westfalenpark, Dortmund is now over and as the reports say 170,000 Pokemon Go fans/players have visited this place to catch a variety of Pokemon, new shiny Pokemon, and earn rewards. In addition, Unown’s and Corsola’s spawn rates have been increased during this event.

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Safari Zone event in Dortmund was officially announced on May 7, 2018, scheduled for June 30 and July 1 in Westfalenpark. During the two days event, Westfalenpark’s visits have drastically increased, with over 170,000 Pokemon Go players from all over the world, including John Hanke.

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As reported by FocusOnline (German news website), the Pokemon Go fans exceeded all expectations this weekend in Dortmund. 170,000 players were on the streets in Dortmund. That is more than three times as much as the organizers had estimated in advance.

The game developer Niantic determined a total of 170,000 players. Of these, 100,000 were on tour in Westfalenpark alone. There the organizer counted the visitors at the entrances. Dortmund police reported 37,000 visitors on Sunday. However, according to the Niantic press agency, there were more people in the park on Saturday.

The only drawbacks were network disturbances Especially on Saturday morning, many players in Westfalenpark complained about Internet problems. Others had internet, but couldn’t get into the game. According to the Niantic press agency, however, the problems were solved by Saturday noon. On Sunday, everything went without a hitch.

In the city center, the connection was stable throughout. Many players found it even better than in the Westfalenpark.

With this event behind us, we are looking forward to PoGo Fest 2018 in Chicago, and we expect to see a high number of participants. Until then, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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