Pokemon Go Fest 2018 to Run Smoothly, Niantic to Host Activities Throughout Chicago

The second Pokemon Go Fest is right around the corner, and it looks like Niantic is giving their best to keep things in order and not to fail like in 2017. Niantic teamed up with the four biggest network providers in Chicago, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and they’re working to enhance and optimize their networks for the upcoming PoGo Fest 2018.

As many of you know, the PoGo Fest 2018 is going live this weekend, July 14-July 15, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park and only those with a pass will be able to enter the event. There will be events throughout the city, so the others could have the ‘taste’ of the event.

Niantic is working hard and they are trying not to do the same mistake as last year, so their plan is to spread players out across Lincoln Park and extend programming across the two days. Niantic’s representative Yafine Lee told the SunTimes that in this way the things will run more smoothly.

Yafine Lee also stated – ‘Residents can expect lots of people around the park and extra Pokemon GO activity around the city for the weekend.’

SunTimes also spoke with the Chicago’s largest network providers to find out more on what are their plans for the weekend, and here is what they said:

  • Verizon: “The Verizon network has been enhanced and optimized in preparation for the upcoming Pokémon festival. To support the expected crowds we have deployed two cell on light trucks (COLTs) which will add additional capacity to our existing network infrastructure around Lincoln Park.”
  • AT&T: “To support customers at this year’s Pokémon Go Fest, we are deploying two Cell on Wheels, or COWs. These portable cell sites will boost capacity by 452%, providing a more reliable connection.”
  • Sprint: “This year, we will be deploying a COW again to provide additional network coverage for Pokémon Go Fest.”
  • T-Mobile: “We’re deploying four additional temporary cell sites in the Lincoln Park area to support the expected capacity this weekend.”

It feels like attendants won’t have any problems for the weekend, so good luck, let’s finish these tasks and unlock the Bonus Reward.

For last, here is a list of all confirmed and rumored events during PoGo Fest 2018 and GoFest new quests featuring Celebi as a Special Research Reward.

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