Theory Pokemon Go Gen 4 Release Schedule

All roads lead to Gen 4 in Pokemon Go and the community is excited to finally ‘meet’ the new round of Pokemon. The new Gen might be released in stages, pretty much the same as Gen 3 and we expect to see the first Gen 4 Pokemon, most probably the starters, during the PoGo Fest 2018 (this weekend).

The second Pokemon Go Fest is going live on July 14-15, 2018 in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, and it looks like this is the perfect event for Niantic to introduce the Gen 4 starters, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup and their evolutions.

The second round of Gen 4 Pokemon, will most probably go live during August’s Community Day and during the two days, Pokemon Go players might see Eevee’s Gen 4 evolutions – Glaceon and Leafeon.

I expect to see the third round to go live in October during the Halloween event. This would be the perfect timing for Niantic to release the Gen 4 Ghost Types and most likely their shiny forms.

Here is the list of Gen 4 Ghost Type Pokemon:

  • Misdreavus > Mismagius (50 candies);
  • Dusclops > Dusknoir (100 candies);
  • Snorunt > Froslass (50 candies);
  • Drifloon and Drifblim (New Pokemon) – the Pokemon with the X on its mouth;
  • Spiritomb (New Pokemon) – One of its kind, formed by 108 spirits.

The fourth wave is the love wave! I could see this happening in February 2019, coincide with the third Valentine’s Day event. Bring on the pink Pokemon!

  • Cherubi – The cherry-like Pokemon that evolves into Cherrim;
  • Happiny – This would be a tricky Pokemon. This Pokemon can evolve into Chansey, but only with an Oval Stone and only when its daytime. Niantic might release a new item for this Pokemon;
  • Lickilicky – Evolves from Lickitung (50 candies) – Just a dex Pokemon;
  • Mesprit – Legendary Pokemon, the bringer of emotion, member of the lake guardians.

Just like Gen 3, I expect to see different events throughout the year, each time with a release of new Gen 4 Pokemon and their shiny forms – Rock Type event, Fire Type event, Water Type event etc.

The PoGo Fest 2018 starts tomorrow, so let’s just wait and see how it would work.

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