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Pokemon go 7km egg

Pokemon Go Halved Egg Distance Guide

The Global Research rewards are now live in Pokemon Go and players around the world will earn rewards for hatching, catching Pokemon, one extra Rare Candy during Raids and all Eggs will hatch half the distance, including the 7km Alolan Eggs.

The following rewards will be active until July 23, so try to get the most out of it, as Gen 4 is right around the corner and you would want to be ready when it comes. You might want to see our guide here and find out more on how useful will the newly available Gen 4 evolutions for previous Gen Pokemon be in the meta.

  • x2 Candy when catching and hatching Pokemon;
  • Rare Candy during Raids;
  • All Eggs to hatch half the distance – that’s including the 7km Alolan Eggs!

These rewards are great, and we advise to focus on the halved Egg distance. Our advice is to incubate your eggs, even if you only have the Unlimited Use Incubator. During the hatch, you get double Candies as a reward. If you want to lower the egg distance, you can use the Super Incubator. This is also quite helpful for the ones that did not get Alolan-Vulpix in 7KM eggs or Chimecho in 10KM eggs. The more you hatch eggs, the bigger the chances of hatching a Shiny Pokemon are.

With that being said:

  • 2km Eggs now have new hatch distance is 1km > 0.65km with Super Incubator;
  • 5km Eggs new hatch distance is 2.5km > 1.65km with Super Incubator;
  • 7km Eggs new hatch distance is 3.5km > 2.3km with Super Incubator;
  • 10km Eggs new hatch distance is 5km > 3.3km with Super Incubator.

For last, here is the new, updated 2km, 5km, 7km and 10km Egg chart.

Good luck and hatch ’em all!



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  1. Adrienne Dunning

    Ok, now I need Super Incubators…Just great!

  2. It also means you run out of incubators faster

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