New Pokemon Go Bonus Reward ‘Day Event’ to go Live on July 21

Update 07/12/18: Zapdos is now officially confirmed as the second Professor Willow’s Global Challenge bonus reward. The Legendary Bird can also be shiny and can learn Fast Attack Thundershock.

Previous story: Pokemon Go’s Professor Willow’s Global Challenge was announced previous month, on June 15, and so far Pokemon Go players have finished the first (out of three) Dortmund Safari Zone (June 30-July 1) challenge and unlocked rewards for a limited time. Now it’s time for the second Bonus Reward on July 21 and the second ‘Day event.’

During the Dortmund Safari Zone event, players earned XP bonuses for catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, participating in Raid Battles and Lucky Eggs lasted for one hour. These rewards were active from July 2 until July 9. In addition, Niantic announced a new event, the 3-hour Articuno Day event on July 7.

The 3-hour event featured five free Raid Passes, the Legendary Pokemon Articuno and its shiny form.

That day was great, players got their five Raid Passes and shiny Articuno, but now it’s the perfect time to look forward and see what ‘Pokemon Day event’ is coming next.

The second Bonus Reward (specific Pokemon Day event) will be unlocked on July 21, only if players from GoFest 2018, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region complete the Professor Willow’s challenge.

From July 14 until July 15, Pokemon Go players have to do the following in order to unlock rewards and the Bonus Rewards:

  • Pokemon GoFest – Complete 100,000 Research Tasks;
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks;
  • The America – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks;
  • The Asia-Pacific region – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks.

pokemon go new day event

As you can see from the image above, the new Bonus Reward will be unlocked on July 21 and we expect to see Zapdos or Moltres as a new 3-hour Day event, only if Niantic follows their ‘Day event’ pattern, articUNO, zapDOS, molTRES and not to decide to split the Legendary Birds.

Please have in mind that while Zapdos or Moltres are the most likely the second ‘Bonus Rewards,’ it’s not been officially confirmed. Wouldn’t be the first time Niantic delivers something totally surprising. So get ready for the Legendary Birds, but keep in mind they might not come just yet.

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  1. There is nothing special about Zapdos…I want to see Moltres’ shiny form..That would be perfect

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