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Radiant One is a Sweet Story-Driven Game With Smooth Gameplay Mechanics

Are you afraid of your dreams in your real life? Do you wake up scared and sweaty every single day? Do not worry; Radiant One will teach you how to overcome all of those issues throughout its short but admirable story to experience.

Radiant One is an illusory, short story-driven adventure with mystical elements created by Fntastic. I do not want to spoil anything for you, but as soon as you finish the game, you’ll feel a bit disappointed because of the short story it offers. However, it’s a beginning, and every start may bring even larger content as the time goes on.

Radiant One includes sweet interaction elements and gameplay mechanics. In Radiant One your main character is Daniel, whom dreams are bringing him not only trouble but also induce fear. However, he has found that the only way to overcome his concerns is to beat his fears, which will thoroughly grant him powers to control his dreams.

As the release states:

Radiant One inspired by minimalist 3D design, is a unique, hand-crafted world of Daniel to explore. It’s designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.

Throughout the story, you will feel a warm and pleasant gameplay experience. In a couple of times, Daniel’s childhood memories are connected with the story and he’s brought back to his childhood home which further spices up the story.

Well, the story may be concise, but the concept of the game is quite amazing. We have seen this kind of video games achieving something bigger. Thus it gives a room of opportunity for the developer to build upon this release, and maybe come down to an expansion very soon.

Keep in mind that the game is easy to complete, and if you’re planning to take a break from other tryhard video games, Radiant One is good to break all the negative feelings and forget about concerns caused by multiplayer video games. It’s a relief playing a video game like this.

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