Guided Missile is Coming Back to Fortnite

The Guided Missile is coming back to Fortnite. This was added originally on the News section in Fortnite. Previously, it looked a bit unbalanced and overpowered, for which it caused to be vaulted by Epic Games.

Well, like it or not, the Guided Missile is ready to make a return. The news section states that it is rebalanced for scouting utility. Does this mean that it will no longer deal any damage?

Classified within the Update 5.10, tomorrow there is a scheduled downtime which direction is to add 5.10 content update. The Downtime will begin on July 31st at 4 AM ET, and 08 AM GMT.

It is still unknown what kind of intentions Epic Games has. However, it is confirmed that the Guided Missile is coming back soon. What are your expectations on the new Guided Missile? Will it be deadly or will serve as a scouting utility and nothing more?

While many fans are already feeling devastated by Epic Games’ choice to return the Guided Missile, others feel satisfied as they’ll have more arsenal to perform trick shots. However, until tomorrow, stay tuned.

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