Sea of Thieves Second Free DLC “Cursed Sails” is now Available

Sea of Thieves Second DLC is free for all. Rare has announced that Cursed Sails is now Available alongside the new achievement of surpassing 5 million players since launch. Sea of Thieves was highly explicitly anticipated in the early days, but the hype dropped down sooner after. However, after some time Rare has finally got something to cheer about.

Achieving this milestone will undoubtedly open new windows for the developers to work on, such as developing new content, future updates and more. It is one of the reasons for Cursed Sails release, which is expected to include even more content players to play with. Not only that will introduce new enemies, but the new DLC will also allow players to hop on a new three-player adventure by using the new Brigantine ship.

It was already known that Sea of Thieves will keep on receiving free content, as it was noted before by our team.

Therefore, it will allow players to forge a new friendship by creating Alliances to tackle the enormous challenges presented in this free DLC. This DLC will introduce its new content throughout a limited time campaign which purpose is to introduce wide rewards.

It is also considered to be the continuation of Rare’s intentions to develop an enhanced content based on the community’s feedback. By saying thanks to all the press and content developers who have worked on improving the game even further, Rare’s intentions to develop future content are quite positive.

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