The Division 2 Won’t Push Players to Party up Besides in Raids

The Divison 2 is expected to offer a high, authentic and deep narrative, despite the game’s story continues where it left off. The virus mainly spread out to Washington, but different territories have different enemies as well. Someone needs to settle down the bandits, and as a player and agent foremost, you won’t be dependant on your party if you do not wish to play it with friends.

Many people consider that party creation could vary and be very helpful in many perspectives. But party creation won’t be that crucial and necessary in Division 2. The game will offer quite an exclusive and in-depth narrative that any single player could enjoy playing. Being carried by the moments in different chapters, player’s could continue playing the game on their own.

The only difference is the Raids, where a team of 8 people will need to tackle down the enemies. Players shall have the freedom they’ve always wanted to, and an official representative has confirmed this in a recent Interview for Ausgamers.

Absolutely not, it’s really a core principle for us that there is no right or wrong way to play The Division. You can play through the entire story campaign into end-game and [then the] end-game [content], alone. [But] you can also do the same content [in] two, three, or four player co-op. Or eight-player co-op, two full groups in the raid if you opt into the challenge that we’re adding. So it’s very important for us that you get to pick. Personally I’m a co-op player, I think the added synergies and the fact that you’re playing together with other people makes it a richer experience. But many people at the office are, like, ‘that’s cool, I like it in certain activities. But I want to have the bulk of the experience alone when I’m out exploring’. So there’s no right or wrong.

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