Rumor: Valve to Reveal Half Life 3 at this year’s Gamescom

Back in 2016, there was a sneaky poster of Half-Life 3 at the entrance of Gamescom. Could that turn to be real after just two years? It remains unknown, but rumors are circling that this year may be Valve’s year, as Gamescom Exhibitor List has revealed that Valve will be present at Gamescom 2018.

As for other Valve’s games, we have witnessed many appearances of Artifact, their Dota 2 card game which is in development for quite some time. Many people believe that they will come up with the same announcement or maybe a more thorough showcase of sparkling closer to its release date gap. But rumors are whirling around as Half-Life 3 may bring a considerable astonishment.

Well, Gamescom’s Exhibitor List has revealed that Valve will be present at this year’s Gamescom, which raises many questions on what are they going to showcase. Well, it wouldn’t be a bummer since Valve has clearly stated that they’re still considered as video game developers, even though they had quite a rough feedback after reporting that as Memers across the world did not miss the chance to hop on the troll train.

Almost 14 years after Half-Life 2, and not a hint has appeared despite the empty Rumors we build our hope upon.

It’s something we all need to grasp with a grain of salt. It may bring a huge surprise or disappointment to all of the fans across the world. However, it is solid as a concrete that it is unknown what Valve is going to showcase during Gamescom 2018. Gamescom 2018 starts on August 21.

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